Life without my gmom

Today I had to say goodbye to my grandmom. That was the hardest thing to do. My family in I still have to get threw laying her to rest. My gmom has been fighting cancer for three years now and now her fight is over. I’m still lost for words as I am writing this blog and I wasn’t sure if I should even talk about something so personal. Three years ago when we were informed that she had cancer all of our lives have been flipped up side down. She was the glue that held this family together. No matter what happened within the family when grandmom wanted us to come to her house we were there. We knew not to get her upset under any condition. At the time of her been diagnosed I had just had my son and was able to take her to her doctors appointments. At her appointments I learned more in more about this disease the was tearing my grandmom body apart. My grandmom was give the option of having surgery or chemo. On e again as a family we came together to explain to my grandmom what was going on with her and the options that was given to her. As you my have fingered out my grandmom was in denial about what was happening to her. This was unreal to her. See my grandmom suffered from blood clots in the past in she thought that this was something easier to cure. I still believe that she did come to the reality of what was happening to her until the pain of this disease kicked in. When she started her chemo that was hard to watch. Sometimes I question myself if she would have went threw with the surgery would we have a little more time with her.


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