living through a renovation

We brought our house about six years ago and the only part of our house that we did not touch was the kitchen. If you ever seen the tv show I Hate My Kitchen. That’s me, I hate my kitchen. My kitchen has two cabinets in it. They are the original cabinets when the house was built. I don’t know how anyone can live with two cabinets. It drives me crazy every time I go food shopping. There is nowhere to store my food. Not to mention that the tiles on the wall are white with red trimming around the whole kitchen. There is blue linoleum flooring. Yes, I said blue linoleum flooring. Every time I go in my kitchen I shake my head. My husband and I saved for awhile so that we can have the kitchen of our dreams. I’m so happy that we don’t have to pay for labor cost, because my husband is able to do all of the repairs that is needed. We first started to research the cost on the appliances and then we started purchasing them. My husband started purchasing the dry wall, backer board and other items that we needed to renovate our kitchen. At  first I was excited to start destroying my kitchen, but now that walls are down and there is not stove, walls or sink I’m going crazy. There is dust everywhere and I’m tired of ordering out. Did I mention that I’m pregnant. This renovation is taking to long, but I know when it’s done it is going to be beautiful. One thing that I can say is that when you totally gut your house there are so many hidden problems that you will find. Our plans was to have a open concept, but my house said nope you will have a particle open concept. We discovered pipes in the wall. That was one issue. Another issue that we found was electrical issues. My dining room, laundry room, a wall outlet in my room and a living room wall outlet were all connect together. Now my husband had to rewire all of those wires. As days went by I started to see dry wall go up and then came dust from all of the sanding that was done. More dust means more clean up. I was so happy to see plumbing being installed and flooring being done. I was starting to see some progress. I can wait until the cabinets are being installed. This is one long renovation that is driving me crazy. I can’t wait until it is over.


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