Stop snitching

Social media has been a way that the police has kept track of a lot of criminals today. People tend to post all types of things on social media. Just yesterday a ex television anchor shot and killed two of his former co-workers on live tv. The crazy thing is that he video himself while he committed this crime. This is one of many situations that happens on a daily bases on social media. In order to keep some type of order on Facebook they have create a link that allows people to report people that are using the wrong name its called. Facebook wants you to snitch on friends that aren’t using … . I think this is a good idea. If someone is reported Facebook will have verify your real name. I know a lot of people that uses a fake name. When people do this it makes it easy for a rapist to hide behind a fake name and a lot of innocent children are being hurt by these predators. The police are now monitoring a lot of social media sites such as Facebook to stop a rapist before they even have a chance to meet the child. They are even able to capture terrorist. People tell on themselves a lot when they post what they are doing on these social media sites. Some people are even posting pictures of themselves. In a way the police are invade people privacy, but when people are committing some me crimes I understand why they use these social media sites to catch criminals.I also know that the police have to follow the law. Although they have evidence they have to make a case to the judge before they can move forward on getting their hands on the criminal photos, videos or post that were made. They also have to get permission from the courts through a search warrant or a court order that says that they can look at this those items. They also have to a warrant so that they can get copies of the evidence.


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