How can I trust you?

       One risk that is associated with taking a brand social is the risk of a security breach. While many people are logging onto the various social media site. Facebook, twitter, Instagram are making sure they are keeping their clients information, they also have to protect their brand. Millions of people are using these social media sites everyday, sometimes several times a day. Brands are learning at there are many people that are committing fraud and misusing their company for the wrong reasons. Brands are now protecting themselves from abuse and legal issues that social media may bring to their company. People are happy to put the their place of employment on their Facebook account for example. I know that depending on what type of company that you work for just posting a picture of a client can be a security or violation of the company policy.         Another security breach is when people post confidential information about their company online. Private information should never be revealed on web. Cyveillance was created to ensure that these types of issues are prevented. Cyveillance is a company that monitor for cyber threats and creates a solution to fix the problem. No company want their name to have a bad reputation with their customers and advertisers. Creating a good reputation will help with the growth of their company.


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