To Blog or to Tweet that is the question.

Blogging in tweeting was not a big interest on mines until I took this class. I saw a lot of blogs through my daughter. She would show me people who blogged their whole process of having a baby and the children first few years. In my mine I always thought who had that kind of time. But as time went on with this class I started getting interested in blogging. It’s funny I started blogging about the wrong topics and I laughed when it was brought to my attention. That was so embarrassing but not enough not to try again and learn how to blog correctly. On the flip side when it came to tweeting I always said people tweet about nothing and the hash tags are insane. People hash tag everything such as #nottoday or #youstupid. What I realize is that both blogging and tweeting are outlets for people to say what they want to say without having a face to face conversation, but in the process they are getting their point across to a wide range of viewers.

Successful  Blogging

  • Authority – Establish authority and value when you are addressing your industry. Make sure that what you are writing has some important points and meaning that you want to address.
  • Content – Be creative in what your are writing. Get all the information that you want your industry to know, so that it will build conversation on that topic.
  • Timing – Timing can make or break your post. You want to make sure that you reach the target audience that you want, so you have to research the time that your audience will be available.
  • Style -Your blog should draw attention to the reader. Design your blog to help with your product or your idea that you want the audience to see.
  • Frequency – Make sure that you blog regularly to keep an active audience. You don’t want to lose you audience to lack of blogging.
  • Engagement -Maintain communication with your audience. When your audience engage to your post you should have active communication with them to stay informed on their feelings or opinions.

Tweeting World Tips                    image

Mark Schaeter’s book The Tao of Twitter is a very interesting read. It gives you a better insight about the world of Twitter. I’m not an expert on tweet, but I have some good tips on how to enter into a successful tweeting world.

  • Learn how to use twitter
  • Quit yapping and start listening
  • The art of @Replying
  • Follow and list those that inspire
  • Adopt hashtaging habits and be trending topical
  • Help people find you

If you want more information on the The best twitter practices click on this link.


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