Viral Marketing Initiative

I believe what makes a marketing initiative go viral is the information or content that you want everyone to know about.  In the platform that is used to get the marketing initiative to go viral successfully. When trying to get your message out to a larger amount of people social media and word of mouth are great marketing tools. Once the marketing initiative hit social media and become a viral sensation the brand has succeed in their marketing strategy.

Top five characteristics of a viral campaign is 500_F_87119508_sH6Zj2BjgANyCtr980W9ScE1mWwZDFjw

1.  Call to action- Call to action is an instruction to the audience to provoke and immediate response. In the case of viral marketing campaign the brand or service want to engage that audience with at marketing idea that will create awareness around the product or brand. They may create awareness by posting a video or by having the follower do some type of challenge. Than post their video.  

2. Creating and maintaining buzz- Creating a viral campaign that will stick out in the mines of many people can be difficult. You was to create a campaign that will create a lot of buzz, so that followers will spread the viral message on their social media platform for their friends can see and their friends can see. Followers will comment, like or share the post.

3. Telling a story about content- The viral message needs to be able to tell a story. Followers want to know what is the reason behind the campaign and if they are asked to do a challenge they want to know if its for a good cause.

4. Appeal to the follower- Will this viral campaign appeal to the followers. Followers love to watch funny videos of people doing silly things. Sometime Viral campaigns can have a negative effect, but because followers don’t agree don’t mean that the campaign wasn’t successful. The viral campaign can appeal to some and not to others, but the goal is to have the product being talked about.

5. Timing of the viral campaign- Timing is everything. There are times on social media you see the same thing over and over again, but a viral campaign hit the internet everything changes. Followers are so intrigued but the campaign if flood so many people time lines. Everything you see and read is about the viral campaign.    

In 2014 thousand of women took to the internet to post selfies of themselves without makeup. The cause was for cancer awareness. Cancer Research UK had raised over 2 million dollars toward cancer research. This viral sensation had gained a lot of support from women across the world. The Cancer Research UK used Facebook to bring this viral campaign to life. Women posted pictures of themselves using the #nomakeupselfies.

One of the most famous viral campaign the ice bucket challenge that also created for cancer awareness. This challenge had follower tell who challenge them and say that they were doing it for a cause. The participant also call out others to participate in the challenge.


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