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Social media networks and applications have been rapidly becoming very popular not only for personal use, but brands have begun to utilize social media to promote and bring awareness to their business. Traditional marketing platforms such as radio, television commercials and print are also business strategies that help promote brand awareness. The difference from traditional marketing and social media marketing is that traditional marketing cost thousands of dollars to connect with their target market. As for social media marketing a business can connect with their target audiences for free. Using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube can have positive and negative implications on how customers view a brand.
With the traditional brand such as television commercials they are ran on a certain time slot for a certain amount of days. Brands are able to communicate with their target customers faster on social media. For example when brands blog about their brand or service they are bring awareness to that target audience and the brand is able share the same information to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Mass amounts of viewers are able to view the blog and comment or like the view. By sharing the blog it can start future relationships with new bloggers, customers and businesses.


Social media 2013




I believe that social media and technology impacts changes in brands social media strategy due to human behavior. Social media and technology have connected people around the world. Customers are able to post, like, share and view information on these social media sites. There are positives in implication in social media marketing and there are also negatives in implications impacts on social media. Although there have been a lot of improvements in technology, combining social media in technology have created some negative implication impact on human behavior. Business has also engaged in a lot of current events and social craves that have been posted on various social media platforms. There have been many brands that took to social media to express their concerns when something happens in the world that people are talking about. It makes that brand looks human when they are communicating with their followers about the issue. Twitter and Facebook have been platforms to tweet and post videos of customers concerns. For example, when BMW had a lot of cars catching fire, customers took to social media to broadcast their cars on fire and some even showed their homes on fire, because their car was in the drive way. Instead of BMW apologizing for the problem, they denied that their cars had an issue. By BMW refusing to admit that there was a problem, more customers took to social media to spread this negative response and to warn people not to purchase their cars. Customers want to know that they are being heard, a response and a result.

Although social media has continued to change throughout the years brands have started to change their social media strategies. There are new applications that are appearing more frequently. Businesses are able to use mobile applications to run discounts and coupons. Hashtags on social media has also be a social media implication that businesses are using. For example Oreo uses images of their cookies with hashtags to promote their product.


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